Three Creative Careers in Medicine

Medical degrees attract some pretty interesting and talented people. Not all of them are destined for a traditional medical career, the doctors below have broken the mould and built themselves creative careers in medicine. We were lucky enough to speak to them for the Creative Careers in Medicine podcast! You can subscribe on Spotify or Apple Podcasts so you never miss an episode.

Dr Sara Souter

Sara is an Occupational and Aviation Medicine Specialist, kiwi born and bred but now living in Australia (Snowy Mountains) with her husband and children. CCIM spoke to Sara in 2019 when she was working as a Group Medical Officer at Virgin Australia Airlines. She has previously held roles as Senior Medical Officer at Air New Zealand, and Senior Medical Officer at CASA. She has lived in the hotter parts of Australia (Broken Hill) on two occasions, early on as a doctor with the Royal Flying Doctor Service. It was here she began working hand in hand with pilots and so began a career in and love of aviation medicine. She has been a CAA/CASA pilot Medical examiner for nearly 20 years.

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Dr Jess Foley

Dr Jess Foley is an Adelaide-based GP. After a decorated basketball career in which she captained the Adelaide Lightning, won a WNBL championship and represented Australia, Jess switched to playing Aussie rules and was an integral member of the 2019 Adelaide Crows AFLW premiership side that defeated Carlton in an historic grand final in front of a crowd of 53,034 cheering fans. CCIM talked to Jess in 2020, she talks about the impact of COVID19 as both an athlete and GP, her own journey through sport and what it was like to play in that AFLW grand final, how she came to pursue a career in medicine later in life, and what her experience playing footy and basketball has done to balance and prepare her for a career in general practice.

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Dr Kate Kloza

CCIM spoke to Kate in 2020 as she was preparing to spend her 5th winter on an Australian Antarctic research base. With a truly inspiring passion for Antarctica and for the work she does for the Australian Antarctic Division, Kate has served as the sole doctor on different expeditions on each of Australia’s 4 permanent Antarctic and sub-Antarctic research stations, for periods of around 12 months at a time. In this interview, she explains what gives her the confidence to able to take on that kind of challenge in such inhospitable environments, and she describes the wonder and beauty of the region that keeps drawing her back.

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About the Author

Dr Elise Putt

Elise is currently working as a locum doctor, travelling around Australia, whilst pursuing other interests inside and outside of medicine!

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