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 Hi all!
This is my shameless self-promotion post.
I am a unaccredited psychiatry registrar that is applying to the college this year. I have recently published my first book, which is a compilation of poems and essays — from being an immigrant, to mental health struggles, with a (not so thin) slice of love conundrums, and last but not least, to the little moments in life that take my breath away. 
I am hoping to take a moment and share it here with all of you. Thank you for taking the time to read through my post. Have a lovely day! 
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(Available in-store in US / North America, hoping to expand to AU/NZ)
About the Book 
“Yuan” or 緣 loosely translates to fate or destiny. But I don’t think that’s quite accurate. Yuan suggests that every encounter is meant to touch your life in a way that is meaningful, no matter how briefly. Even if it’s a raindrop brushing over the tip of your nose. Isn’t it beautiful? To think that everything in this world is connected by waves of intentions. There’s a pool of possibilities. I want to take a moment to thank all the Yuan in my life. Every person and everything that has happened to help me write. This is a collection of my poems and journals from my teenage years to current days. The photos in this book are all captured by either my camera or generations of iPhones I’ve used in the last decade. I hope you will enjoy my writing or the little things in life as viewed through my lenses. Thank you again for picking up this book. I hope it will be worth your while.
I have always been kind of a nomad. I was born in Taiwan, then moved to Canada at the age of 10, and moved again, to the Land of Oz (Australia) for medical school, where I am currently working as a doctor-in-training.
I am a rather private person. A perfect Sunday to me is sitting in a coffee shop with my skinny cappuccino and pretending to read a book while people-watching. I am fascinated by the little things in life. I’d listen to the white noise of rain, the rustling of leaves, a slice of the ocean waves as encapsulated in seashells, beautifully written sentences, and my interpretation of them.
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Perhaps it’s the nomadic lifestyle. In spite of having dipped myself in multiple servings of melting pots, I always feel disconnected everywhere I go. Even though I have a soft spot for my family and am deeply rooted to my Taiwanese background, I feel as though I was homeless under a roof. So I turn to words to find solace. Hopefully you’ll find something similar in mine.

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For the longest time, I have always felt like an outcast. To feel incongruous in my body, to struggle with word poverty in both the new language I was learning and to lose the muscle memory of the way my mother tongue should’ve been able to escape between my parted lips, to be estranged from foreign lands that I have yet to learn to call home, then to return to what’s supposed to be ‘home’ but only to find the space unfamiliar. Loneliness was my closest companionship and in spite of my desperate attempt to keep up with all else around me, I felt like I was only ever genuine when alone with my thoughts. This is a collection of poems and essays throughout my years. You could say this is a sneak peek into my origin story, where I kept self-occupied with dank ruminations. And while I cannot make promises I can’t promises to keep, I do hope you find my words relatable. And maybe you’ll find something new or interesting between the pages. I hope you will enjoy the trip down my memory lane and get a glimpse of the different phases of my life.
You can find more of my writing and follow me on social media by visiting my website
Thank you once again for taking the time to check out my writing!

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About the Author

May Lin

May is an unaccredited psychiatry registrar and self published author. Her book ‘Tuesday Shower and Mayflower’ is a collection of poems and essays that draws on her experience as an immigrant, with mental health struggles and love conundrums.

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