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The world of medicine is so much more than clinical! If you are interested in adding on to your medical career creativity, sport, research or business - there's a community here for you.

The CCIM community is a supportive network of doctors and medical students who believe your medical career should be whatever you make it- not what you're told it should be.

The new CCIM committee is putting together resources, up-skilling sessions and a book club!

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Creative Careers Guide

A creative creative in medicine can start in medical school. Here is a by students, for students guide on how you can get involved!

Upskilling Sessions

Helping you learn new skills to unlock your full potential!

Book Club

Join our monthly book club, to promote connection and discussion as well as continued learning among students.


Alex Chye (University of Sydney)
Alexander Chye
University of Sydney, NSW

Natalie Ward (JCU)
Natalie Ward
James Cook University, QLD

Olivia Baenziger (University of Melbourne)
Olivia Baenziger
University of Melbourne, VIC

Kira Muller (James Cook University)
Kira Muller
James Cook University, QLD

Dayna Duncan (UNSW)
Dayna Duncan
University of New South Wales, NSW

Gemma Ruddick ANU
Gemma Ruddick
Australian National University, Canberra

Jessie Zhou (Monash University)
Jessie Zhou
Monash University, VIC


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