In this CCIM podcast interview series, health writer & journalist Andrew Bracey sits down with some fascinating doctors to chat about how they’re seeking out their own creative professional paths and enriching their personal and professional lives along the way.

We hear from doctors who are also authors, med-tech entrepreneurs, innovators, film makers, acclaimed musicians, founders of successful business, advocates for their profession and educational leaders - people who are expanding their horizons by taking charge of their careers.


Tony Chu is a Medical Doctor (University of Sydney) with diverse creative interests. He is an award-winning director-producer who has made over 35 short films. Within the film  industry, Tony is well-known as the Head of NAFA [Networking Action for Filmmakers & Actors] which he founded in 2002 and Festival Director of Show-Fest International for ten years. He is also an accomplished actor (“Packed to the Rafters”, “Wild Boys”) and professional screenwriter. Interested in connecting with other doctors with creative pursuits, Tony was the Founder/ President of the Creative Doctors Network and Festival Director of Doc Art Festival for four years.


Sonia Henry is in her early thirties and lives and works in Sydney as a doctor. When she’s not being a medic she devotes her spare time to writing and has been published in Kevin MD (America’s leading physician blog), SMHThe Australian Medical Students Journal, and has scientific publications in the ANZ Journal of Surgery.  Her most widely-read article was an anonymous piece about the stress of medical training and was shared more than 20,000 times and republished widely around the world. Sonia’s debut novel is a darkly funny, sad and inspiring novel about the brutal world of medical training and will be published in mid-2019.


Dr Vijay Paul & Dr Nishanth Krishnananthan are the Co-CEOs of Vantari VR, Virtual Reality for Healthcare. Their technology provides transformative applications for Doctors and Patients as they bring to life medical imaging and the human body. A little bit about these medtech entrepreneurs... Vijay has over 7 years of clinical experience working as an MD primarily in Emergency Medicine, leading teams in high pressure situations everyday. Nishanth is a Surgical doctor in Australia, with experience in Medicine and Surgery in both metropolitan and rural hospitals.


Dinesh was the first quadriplegic medical intern in Queensland, and the second person to graduate medical school with quadriplegia in Australia.

Dinesh earned a Bachelor of Laws (LLB), prior to completing his Doctor of Medicine (MD) at the Griffith University. He has completed an Advanced Clerkship in Radiology at the Harvard University. Halfway through medical school, he was involved in a catastrophic motor vehicle accident that caused a cervical spinal cord injury.
As a result of his injury and experiences, Dinesh has been an advocate for inclusivity in medicine and the workplace generally. He is a founding member of Doctors with Disabilities Australia.

Dinesh is currently a resident medical officer at the Gold Coast University Hospital. He is a lecturer at the Griffith University and adjunct research fellow at the Menzies Health Institute of Queensland. He has research interests in spinal cord injury, particularly with novel rehabilitation techniques.

Dinesh is the Gold Coast University Hospital’s representative in the Australian Medical Association Queensland’s Council of Doctors in Training. He is a member of the scientific advisory committee of the Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation, adjunct member of Gold Coast Orthopaedic Research and Education Alliance (GCORE), and member of the Ambassador Council at the Hopkins Centre.

Dinesh was the Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service’s Junior Doctor of the Year in 2018. He was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia in 2019.


Having studied Physiotherapy, Physiology and Anatomy in addition to his medical studies, Mitch is registered as a both a Medical doctor and Physiotherapist. His areas of interest are diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, with a particular interest in musculoskeletal injury. Mitch also consults a broad range of athletes on nutrition, training and bike fit from his unique perspective as a former professional triathlete (12 years) and physiologist.

Mitch holds the World Record for 24hr endurance cycling. The 24 hour is considered the pinnacle of endurance cycling and is an event that most get the opportunity to attempt only once in a lifetime. In the lead up to his attempt, he'd already successfully broken the 12 hour endurance cycling world record with a ride of 492km which taught him a lot of lessons but also proved to himself that he had what it takes to attempt the 24 hour.

Mitch has some really fascinating insights from a personal perspective, but also a medical standpoint about what he and his research partner have to share from the physiological data and observations they logged, compiled and examined along the way.
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