In this CCIM podcast interview series, health writer & journalist Andrew Bracey sits down with some fascinating doctors to chat about how they’re seeking out their own creative professional paths and enriching their personal and professional lives along the way.

We hear from doctors who are also authors, med-tech entrepreneurs, innovators, film makers, acclaimed musicians, founders of successful business, advocates for their profession and educational leaders - people who are expanding their horizons by taking charge of their careers.

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Andrew Bracey

Health Writer & Journalist

After more than a decade working as a political journalist and managing editor at various industry focused health publications, Andrew is now digging deep into the issues affecting the CCIM community.

He’ll be sharing these stories and interviews through the CCIM podcast series and the CCIM blog.

For CCIM podcast or interview related enquiries Andrew can be reached via hello@creativecareersinmedicine.com

These podcasts are a co-production between Creative Careers In Medicine and Embrace Creative.

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