In this CCIM podcast interview series, health writer & journalist Andrew Bracey sits down with some fascinating doctors to chat about how they’re seeking out their own creative professional paths and enriching their personal and professional lives along the way.

We hear from doctors who are also authors, med-tech entrepreneurs, innovators, film makers, acclaimed musicians, founders of successful business, advocates for their profession and educational leaders - people who are expanding their horizons by taking charge of their careers.


Tony Chu is a Medical Doctor (University of Sydney) with diverse creative interests. He is an award-winning director-producer who has made over 35 short films. Within the film  industry, Tony is well-known as the Head of NAFA [Networking Action for Filmmakers & Actors] which he founded in 2002 and Festival Director of Show-Fest International for ten years. He is also an accomplished actor (“Packed to the Rafters”, “Wild Boys”) and professional screenwriter. Interested in connecting with other doctors with creative pursuits, Tony was the Founder/ President of the Creative Doctors Network and Festival Director of Doc Art Festival for four years.


Sonia Henry is in her early thirties and lives and works in Sydney as a doctor. When she’s not being a medic she devotes her spare time to writing and has been published in Kevin MD (America’s leading physician blog), SMHThe Australian Medical Students Journal, and has scientific publications in the ANZ Journal of Surgery.  Her most widely-read article was an anonymous piece about the stress of medical training and was shared more than 20,000 times and republished widely around the world. Sonia’s debut novel is a darkly funny, sad and inspiring novel about the brutal world of medical training and will be published in mid-2019.

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Andrew Bracey

Health Writer & Journalist

After more than a decade working as a political journalist and managing editor at various industry focused health publications, Andrew is now digging deep into the issues affecting the CCIM community.

He’ll be sharing these stories and interviews through the CCIM podcast series and the CCIM blog.

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