Mentoring Program

Applications are now open for the CCIM Mentoring Program

Mentoring has proved to be valuable for Mentor and Mentee alike. For Mentors, it can be extremely rewarding to share knowledge and wisdom accumulated over the years – not to mention fascinating to see things through a Mentee's eyes. Meanwhile, Mentees relish the chance to ask questions, seek advice and benefit from the support of someone who has already forged a similar career pathway.

The program is a 6 month commitment with Mentors and Mentees meeting either face to face or online a minimum of 4 times over the period.

Pairs are matched based on career interests and relevant experience.

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Mentee Benefits

If you’re keen to learn from a more experienced medical professional who can help you achieve your career goals, you’d make an ideal Mentee! Benefits of being a Mentee include, but are not limited to:

  • Learning from experienced medical and health professionals
  • Develop your professional networks
  • Increase your skills and knowledge in different areas
  • Gain insight into future career planning and self-development
  • Develop your professional confidence and your own ability to support others
  • Set your goals, visions and values and work towards achieving your career objectives

Mentor Benefits

Being a Mentor provides the opportunity to pass on your knowledge and experience to benefit others. The CCIM mentoring program is the perfect opportunity to share your expertise and give back. Other benefits of mentoring include:

  • Share your experience and skills
  • Develop your professional networks and meet other mentors
  • Increase your profile within the CCIM and medical community
  • Satisfaction from contributing to someone's career development
  • Reflect upon and articulate knowledge
  • Gain a different perspective from your Mentee
  • Explore your own career choices and path plus lessons learned along the way

The Fine Print

  1. The program is a 6 month commitment for both parties
  2. A program fee of $250 applies for Mentees wanting to partake in the program with Mentors receiving payment for their time
  3. The Mentee fee is payable upon signup to the program to secure your placement
  4. The Mentor payment will be made in two installments, once after the first two sessions with the mentee and again after the final two. Payment will be made from CCIM by EFT after the Mentee has completed a progress summary
  5. Over the course of the 6 months the Mentor is responsible for organising 4 sessions with the Mentee (for a minimum of 45 minutes per session)
  6. CCIM will provide Mentors with a session guide to aid the sessions
  7. CCIM provides no guarantee on the success of the information and guidance provided by Mentors to Mentees but provides a platform for the facilitation of the connection and delivery of the information
  8. CCIM will work with both parties to resolve any disputes or re-match partnerships where required

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