CCIM Sydney 2018

Our expectations when we first looked at the venue were low, telling the venue manager we would probably get up to 100, maybe 150 if we were lucky. We apprehensively signed the venue contract, knowing that risks were low and all that could be lost was some money and some dignity begging friends and family to buy tickets to our first event.

In May 2018 470+ attendees came to Sydney to experience the first CCIM Symposium. The program could not have been fuller, comprising of 41 speakers who willingly and enthusiastically put their hand up to share their health career journeys and lessons they had learnt along the way.

While the number of attendees was impressive, it was the energy in the room that was consistently commented on by attendees, sponsors and speakers that was remarkable as well as the positive feedback after the event – we had certainly found a gap in the market and a need amongst health professionals to feel connected, heard and in control of their career path.


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