Pre Event Workshops

Event workshops will run on Friday, 11 December and are open to all conference attendees. Avoid disappointment and register today, as numbers for each workshop are strictly limited. 

Medical Career Planning Workshop

On Friday, 11 December join Dr Ashe Coxon for an interactive workshop looking at the ways to navigate the maze of career options open to health professionals.


This workshop is open to very limited numbers and will include a pre-event personality test and analysis by Dr Coxon which participants will refer to during the session.


The session will look at:

  • Common traits that predispose a doctor to career uncertainty and workplace issues and strategies on how to address these traits
  • Personality traits common to doctors who experience uncertainty and workplace issues
  • The role of values in deciding a future medical career
  • Examples of some non traditional or creative careers that can be pursued by doctors

Workshop fees:

  • Workshop only – $249
  • Workshop + full access to course Discover – $329 (RRP – $648) 
  • Workshop + follow up 45 minute individual career counselling call – $399 (RRP – $598)

Tickets for the workshop can be purchased through the registration process and include the half day session, pre event testing, lunch and afternoon break catering.

Media & Presentation Training with Shelly Horton

Shelly Horton is a journalist, TV presenter, MC and runs her own company, ShellShocked Media, where she teaches presentation skills, improving confidence, media training, and how to master virtual meetings. Her career highlights include 11 years reporting for the ABC, eight years as a presenter on Channel Seven, six years as a journalist at Fairfax and five years as the South Pacific correspondent for Entertainment Tonight USA. She’s now been at the Nine Network for five years, appearing weekly on TODAY, TODAY EXTRA and Weekend TODAY delivering opinion segments.  She’s the host of 9Honey’s Talking Honey, He Said/She Said and hosts Married At First Sight’s spin off chat show Talking Married


She has been teaching media training for over 20 years.  Often doctors are talented in their specialty but find it hard to condense their knowledge into bite-sized comments that the media demands. If you are finding yourself fielding media requests, this training is vital before your first interview.


Each  group session is limited to six people so in the four-hours of training Shelly will give you individual attention.


  • In the first hour she’ll teach you how to control your nerves, dress for success, how to keep medical topics conversational, body language, dealing with tricky or negative questions, some cheeky TV tricks to improve your performance and a solid understanding of the different media and what they expect.
  • The next three hours are very practical.  Shelly will create mock media interviews about health topics – whether it’s for TV, newspaper features or talk back radio.  Each person chooses an interview specific to their knowledge-base and it is filmed “as live”.  Then Shelly reviews the interviews on the spot and provides constructive criticism and tips for improvement.

You’ll walk away with the ability deliver a professional, confident and polished performance.


Workshop fee: $1350 (usually $2500 per participant)

Digital Health Workshop hosted by CCIM & the Australasian Institute of Digital Health

In this combined workshop run by the digital health aficionados of CCIM and the team at the Australasian Institute of Digital Health , attendees will be exposed to both the theoretical and practical applications of technology in healthcare.


The team from AIDH will start the workshop covering:

  • The nuts and bolts of digital health in Australia
  • The institutes role in the eHealth ecosystem
  • How to launch a career in digital health
  • Getting certified and available resources and support  

The CCIM team will take over the second part of the workshop covering:

  • Overview of the different areas of digital health, by those currently working in them (AI, Informatics, telehealth, etc)
  • Career opportunities in the sector, as well as delving into the pros and cons of a digital health career.
  • Exploration of current digital health projects through case studies
  • Plenty of Q&A time with facilitators working in the space

Speakers/facilitators to be announced over the coming weeks.


Workshop fee: $249