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The community for medical professionals

From little things big things grow.

What was supposed to be a small intimate workshop in 2018 exploding into a 470 person event, with over 40 speakers, 10 partners, a photo exhibition and hours of inspiration. Since things haven’t slowed down for the Creative Careers in Medicine Community. Knowing we were entering territory and exploring ideas that hadn’t yet been touched on elsewhere in the medical community, we’ve made it our mission to engage, advocate, enhance and inspire the careers of medical professionals in Australia and beyond.


Our supportive community has become a safe space for doctors, and most recently other medical and allied health professionals, to explore alternate career paths and seek total job satisfaction.


Creative Careers in Medicine supports the growing community through a number of initiatives and projects with the primary aim to keep medical professionals working in healthcare and increasing overall job satisfaction.

Our Mission


To equip clinical professionals with the courage, confidence and skills to take their career on a unique path.


Help design the system rather than just be passive end users.


We want to create a community of like-minded professionals who can support, motivate and inspire each other to enjoy fulfilling medical careers that may stray from the expected path.

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The need for a community like CCIM became apparent quite soon after our first event. From that point we knew we had to offer more to support this growing group from across Australia, and extending across the world. Today we are proud to have expanded beyond an annual event, to also provide:

Meet the team

Dr Amandeep Hansra

Dr Amandeep Hansra

Founder & Director

Dr Ashe Coxon

Dr Ashe Coxon

Advisor & Career Planning Expert

Jessica Abbey

Jessica Abbey

Community & Operations Manager