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Following the inaugural CCIM event in Sydney the community has grown steadily. And whilst we are proud of the following numbers, we are most proud of the level of interaction across all platforms and the willingness and desire of the community to get involved and further the CCIM mission to work together to shape a supportive, inclusive and thriving healthcare environment and create rewarding a fulfilling careers. 


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In May 2018, 470+ attendees came to Sydney to experience the first CCIM Symposium.

The program could not have been fuller, comprising of 41 speakers who willingly and enthusiastically put their hand up to share their health career journeys and lessons they had learnt along the way.

While the number of attendees was impressive, it was the energy in the room that was consistently commented on by attendees, sponsors and speakers that was remarkable as well as the positive feedback after the event – we had certainly found a gap in the market and a need amongst health professionals to feel connected, heard and in control of their career path.

Whilst those studying or currently working in health fields would be interested in the content presented, CCIM is for those who want to get the absolute most out of their medical career, may currently be disillusioned with their career opportunities or trajectories or those seeking a change of pace. The community, both on and offline, attracts people from all career stages from students through to practicing physicians and those looking to return to the workforce after a career break.

We cover the breadth and width of the health sector, exploring:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Management Consulting
  • Media, Health Technology & Health Informatics
  • Insurance
  • Start-Ups
  • Teaching
  • Corporates
  • Public Health
  • Aviation & Occupational Medicine
  • Defence
  • Cruise Ship Medicine
  • Career Coaching
  • Medical administration
  • Medical writing

…and growing!



Dr Amandeep Hansra

Founder & Director,
Evermed Consulting, Digital Health Expert


Dr Ashe Nicholas

CEO & Founder
Medical Career Planning


Jessica Abbey

Community Manager
Creative Careers in Medicine 

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